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Read the primary source documents (below) for chapter 22 (Emancipation Proclamation, Anti-Treason Law, and Anaconda Plan) and do the questions by Tuesday, Nov. 21!

Terms check chapter 22, Monday, November 20!

Outline Notes Chapter 22 due Tuesday, Nov 21!

Test Chapters 20-22 on Monday, Nov 27!

6th hour is as cute as a bug’s ear!

7th hour is as tough as all get out!

1st hour is comatose and needs to wake up!

Chapter 21 Outline for notes

Now that you have done them yourself, here is how I laid out the outline for Chapter 21:

Chapter 21 Outline for notes

I. Comparison of military strengths and weaknesses of the Union and the Confederacy
—-A. Military leadership
—-B. Supplies
—-C. Population
—-D. Presdent Lincoln vs. President Davis

II. Economics
—-A. Northern manufacturing
—-B. King Cotton
—-C. Income tax and tariffs
—-D. National Banking System
—-E. Confederate bonds and inflation

III. Diplomacy and foreign relations
—-A. Ft. Sumter
—-B. Keeping the Border States in the Union
——–1. How does this influence the stated war aims?
—-C. Influence of the British
——–1. Trent Affair
——–2. Alabama
——–3. Laird rams
——–4. Dominion of Canada
—-D. The French

IV. Civil Liberties
—-A. Conscription
——–1. $300 men
—-B. Habeas Corpus
——–1. in Maryland
——–2. in Missouri
—-C. Blockade
—-D. EXTRA CREDIT: Ex parte Merryman ,Ex parte Milligan and Vallandingham affair