Chapter 25 Outline

Due Tuesday, December 12– Your term check on this chapter is on Tuesday as well.

Outline Notes Chapter 25
I. Why were railroads so powerful?
—–A. Effect of RR on the economy and farmers
—–B. Transcontinental Railroad
———-Union Pacific and Central Pacific: describe
———-Big Four (hey! Who were the other two?)
———-Chinese and Irish
———-Promontory Point, Utah and the “wedding of the rails”
—–C. Other transcontinental lines and where they went
———-James J. Hill—why was he so great?
—–D. Vanderbilt and the New York Central
—–E. Innovations and their impact
———-Steel, air brake, Pullman cars, block signals
—–F. The opportunity for corruption
———-Credit Mobilier, stock watering. Bribery, pool, kickback
—–G. Reigning RRs in
———-Millionaires, the Grange, Wabash case, Interstate Commerce Act and the ICC

II. What factors caused the Second Industrial Revolution?
—–A. Materials and Inventions
———-coal, iron ore, etc.
———-Where were these things found?
———-Inventions: Thomas Edison and A. Bell, typewriters, dynamos, etc…
—–B. Steel Industry– Carnegie
———-Mesabi Range, Bessemer process, vertical integration, horizontal integration
—–C. Oil industry—Standard Oil
———-Rockefeller, refineries
—–D. Banking and Finance- J.P. Morgan
———-Interlocking directorates, formation of US Steel, $1,000,000,000!
—–E. Other trusts
———-Meat, tobacco, sugar, etc…

III. How does the growth of the economy send shock waves through American society?
—–A. Is it moral to be that rich?
———-Excuses: Gospel of Wealth, Charles G. Sumner, Social Darwinism, plutocracy
———-Corporations as “persons”
—–B. Attempts to control business
———-(ICC), Sherman Anti-trust Act, “trust-busting”
—–C. How does the South fare?
—–D. Gibson girls and the change in the home
—–E. Exploitation of workers
———-Unions (list and describe)
———-Leaders (list and describe)
———-The AF of L tries to organize all unions
———-Sherman Act and Unions

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