Basic outline for book critiques

Your emphasis should be on analyzing the author’s arguments and evaluating them for effectiveness. Remember, if you are not going to do a great job, don’t waste our time. You also need to devote some of your analysis to the specific question I give you regarding your book. You will get these on Friday.

Book Critique Form
AP US History
DUE: December 18 at 3 pm! If you are absent, email the report to me.

Subject of book: Include a specific thesis statement, including specific time period and any sort of ideology followed by the author– Marxist, conservative, feminist, etc.

Title. Author. Place of publication: publisher, date of publication. Number of pages.

A very brief overview of the contents of the book. Outline the author’s argument or thesis. Is there any controversy regarding the thesis? Be specific.

Purpose or Audience for the book. Is this written in a narrative or expository style? Explain how this affects the delivery of the author’s message.

Your reaction and evaluation: How well the book has achieved its goal? What possibilities are suggested by the book? What specific points are convincing (or not?)

What kinds of sources did the author use? Be specific.


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    What’s the most amount of extra credit that we can receive?

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