Update on Ch. 26 and death of President Gerald Ford

I hope everyone is having a restful break!

If you can get your Chapter 26 outlines done by January 3, in time for your terms check, you can earn some extra credit. I meant to make them due the 4th, but mistyped. This has been corrected now.

I have added some links over to the left that will help those of you struggling with vocabulary used in legal documents that we discuss. Please make use of these links to help you improve your vocabulary, which is an area with which many of you struggle. The AP exam is written at a college reading level and assumes that you know a college-level vocabulary. These links are entitled:

Common Latin Words and Phrases Used in English

Commonly Used Terms- US Courts

Constitutional Dictionary 

If anyone has a list of the “Words of the Day” that I have gone over with you in class during discussion, I would appreciate it if you could email those to me or post them in the comments section. I will then make a post of words so that we can review them. The problem is that I do them off the top of my head, and sometimes don’t get a chance to keep a record of them.

By the way, former President Gerald Ford passed away yesterday at the age of 93. There is an excellent article about his life an accomplishments in the newspaper. This is a link to the article, and there are others: This is an Associated Press special report , and this is a timeline of his life.

Have a Happy New Year!

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  1. Posted by DeckTheHallsWithBowsOfHolly on December 30, 2006 at 5:52 pm

    WORDS: patriarchy, mercantilism, antecedent, “quid proquo”, precedent, status quo, antebellum, anachronism, decimate, posthumously, proxy, theocracy, Utopia, dystopia, temperance, primary source, secondary source, atrition, pyrhic victory, amnesty, prerogative, cronyism, & “laissez faire”
    There may be more words, but I just saw these as I skimmed through my notebook.

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