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Practice MC questions January 4

The purposes of this exercise include:
A. helping you review for finals, midterms, and the AP exam;
B. teaching you strategies to help improve your multiple choice test-taking skills;
C. providing links to information to help you review.

These are the questions we did in class on January 4. See if you know the answers, and if you don’t use the links to determine the answers for yourself.

1. After the South seceded, Congress was able to pass special legislation to benefit the North and the West, such as the
A. Kansas-Nebraska Act
B. Pacific Railroad Bill
C. Underwood Tariff
D. Sherman Anti-trust Act
E. Chinese Exclusion Act

2. Which of the following are important Civil War battles?
—–I. Saratoga
—–II. Gettysburg
—–III. Bull Run
—–IV. Atlanta
A. I and II
B. I, II, and III
C. I, II, and IV
D. I, III, and IV
E. II, III, and IV

3. All of the following reform movements of the pre-Civil War era are correctly paired with a leader of the movement EXCEPT
A. care of the insane—Dorothea Dix
B. abolition—Harriet Beecher Stowe
C. women’s rights—Lucretia Mott
D. Education—Brigham Young
E. Prohibition—Neal S. Dow

4. Where did the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794 take place?
A. Ohio
B. Massachusetts
C. Pennsylvania
D. New York
E. Virginia