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Practice MC questions January 5

These were the multiple choice review questions used in class on Friday. Make sure you not only know the answers, but understand WHY certain answers are correct and incorrect.

1. Which of the following men explored in North America for the French?
A. Magellan               
B. Coronado               
C. Hudson
D. Frobisher
E. Champlain

2. The Hartford Convention of 1815
A. nominated candidates for president
B. called for the repeal of the Alien and Sedition Acts
C. was a meeting of disaffected Federalists
D. rejected the Treaty of Ghent
E. supported another invasion of Canada

3. Which state did Henry Clay represent in the US House of Representatives?
A. Missouri               
B. Illinois               
C. Indiana
D. Ohio
E. Kentucky

4. How would one best explain the location of Washington, DC?
A. It was at a natural ford in the Potomac River
B. The rapids in the river provided power for water mills
C. It was convenient to George Washington’s home at Mount Vernon
D. It was selected as a compromise among the claims of New York, Boston, Princeton, and Philadelphia
E. The land was granted by the state of Maryland to the federal government as the site of the capital city

Words of the day for the week of January 3-5

The following were the vocabulary words we discussed in class from January 3-5. It was a busy week for vocabulary! I expect you to be able to use these words in your writing and reading.

Please let me know if I have omitted any words!

Review words:
status quo
(Remember last semester that there was also the phrase “status quo antebellum” as well!)

New words:

Greek and Latin roots:
ante– to come before
belli– war, warlike
ism– belief
ced– to go
phil– to love
anthro– humanity, humankind