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Chapter 28 Outlines

These will be due Thursday, January 11. Those who do not wait until 6th period to give them to me will receive much appreciation!

Make sure you explain dates, significance, and other details that might the type of stuff to show up on a quiz!

Make sure you bring your books with you to classs this week!

I. Does wrangling between the mainstream parties ignore the needs of the people?
—–A. Republicans back in business with Harrison
—–B. Party maneuvers in the Billion Dollar Congress
———-1. Reed
—–C. How – and why—do they spend the money?
—–D. Why are tariffs so important—and so controversial?

II. The Populist party is born
—–A. Why?
—–B. Leaders
—–C. Positions—look up the platforms of 1892 and 1896
—–D. What effect do third parties have in American politics? What effect does the Populist Party have in the election of 1892?
—–E. William J. Bryan
———-1. Cross of Gold speech- ideas and significance
—–F. Fourth Party system

III. Economic stresses
—–A. Labor unrest and government responses
———-1. “government by injunction”
—–B. Depression of 1893
—–C. Currency and inflation
———-1. pro-gold standard position (“gold bugs”)
———-2. pro-silver position
———-3. endless chain
—–D. Morgan bails out the govt.—what does he get in return?
—–E. Coxey’s army
—–F. More on tariff various tariff bills
—–G. Gold Standard Act