An overview of Indian Treaty History in the Pcific Northwest

Go to this link and read the article on how centuries-old treaties with Indian nations still have ramifications today. Read paragraphs 1-17.

This assignment is worth extra credit.

Answer the following questions by Tuesday, January 16:
1. What was the original understanding on the part of the government regarding treaties?
2. What did the treaty-makers of the late 19th century expect to happen that would make treaties unnecessary? How did the government attempt to encourage this to happen?
3. How did the oral tradition (make sure you know what that means) in most tribes complicate treaty matters? Use the following quote in your response:
“A treaty, in the minds of our people, is an eternal word.”
4. What did Senator Hemry Dawes– author of the Dawes Act– say was the fundamental flaw in Indian culture which kept them from progressing? What did he mean?
5. What is the “supercitizenship” argument?
6. Explain, in 3-5 sentences including examples, why treaties and Indian-US relations can appear contradictory (see paragraph 17).

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