OLD CHAPTER 29 OUTLINE–from 11th edition

Chapter 29 Outline

Make sure your notes are in your own words and that you explain the consequences/historical significance of items.

I. Wilson – a Democrat and a Southerner—NO WAY! Right?
—–A. How is Wilson’s progressivism similar to that of Taft and Roosevelt?
—–B. How is it different? New Nationalism versus New Freedom
—–C. How does Wilson manage to get elected?
———-1. Bull Moose party,
———-2. Socialists
———-3. What do third parties in the US traditionally do?
—–D. What is significant about Wilson’s election? Who was he?

II. Wilson gets to work
—–A. Triple Wall of Privilege
———-1. Underwood Tariff and the 16th Amendment,
———-2. Federal Reserve Act—what were the effects?,
———-3. FTC and Clayton Act
—–B. Populist ideas Wilson borrows
—–C. Labor reform
—–D. Foreign policy—anti-imperialism
———-1. Jones Act,
———-2. Mexico, Pancho Villa, and Black Jack
—–E. The Great War erupts—and we try to dodge it
———-1. sinking ship and submarines,
———-2. Pledges
—–F. Appointments
———-1. Brandeis
—–G. Campaign for re-election
———-1. Hughes,
———-2. TR and the Progressive Party,
———-3. “He Kept Us Out Of War,”
———-4. Sectional division

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