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words of the day for the week of January 22-26

These were the words to which we were introduced during this week. If I have forgotten any, please put them in the comments and I will add them.

New words:
Anti-imperialists criticized imperialism as the antithesis of American values.
The US believed it had a divine imperative for expansion.
Spreading democracy was criticized as a rationalization for imperialism.
The US attempted to pacify the Philippines through a policy known as “benevolent assimilation.”
Most people demonstrate great zeal in defending their country.
It is presumptuous to assume that some struggling nations want the help of a foreign power in dealing with their problems.
prima facie
A prima facie argument is one that, at first sight, seems true.
Football is a game that is often analogous to warfare.
The Hay-Pauncefote treaty abrogated the Clayton-Bulwer treaty.
The Monroe Doctrine repudiated the idea of European intervention in Latin American affairs.
Protestant missionaries from America began to proselytize the people of Hawai’i beginning in the mid-19th century.
In my quest to meet my budget I have cut all superfluous expenses.
mite (definition 2; see also this link.)
In the letter from the unknown Philadelphia woman, she claimed that she had given her mite for the cause of the Revolution.

Greek and Latin roots:
bene- good, well, favorable
vol- to wish (to do because you wish to)
anti- against
prima, primo- first
facie- appearance, face
super- excess
flu- flow