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Where’s the snow?????

Grumble, grumble, grumble— so did anyone out there already wake up and take a shower before finding out about the snow day? Of course not, because YOU are kids who don’t let a little fact like the lack of a single FLAKE of snow on the ground mean anything. WAAH!

And now I’m awake and watching those morning news show people be creepily cheery while hoping I get tired enough for a good nap.

Well, anyway, img_7077-coot-looking-for-food-in-snow.jpg here’s a picture of an old coot in the snow– that would be me later in the day, IF we get this promised– maybe “threatened” is a better word– snowfall.

—-Okay, now there’s snow. But STILL.

Meanwhile, I’ll give extra credit to those who come in tomorrow (or whenever we next meet) with some research accomplished on their projects (printing it off will provide proof) and a 250-300 word summary of what they have found so far.

I will also give extra credit for creating a timeline of important events in African-American history. Include court cases, proclamations, and significance of events. You would want to include the first Africans brought to America, the time periods by which slavery was made legal and illegal in all the colonies, and so on. At least twenty-five items, please, and it MUST BE IN YOUR OWN WORDS and not just copied off the internet.

Please make sure you have read over the poems and the Debs speech and have notes over them to bring with you for the next class.