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Attention students and parents! College Information!

We now interrupt our regularly scheduled AP prep for this important announcement:

Parents of Sophomores & Juniors: You are highly encouraged to attend the parent training session on the new on-line ConnectEdu Program @ PHS on April 4th in the Library.

We are the first school in St. Louis City/County to join this free program. It will allow students/parents/college counselor to all be involved in the college search process. It is very easy to use; however, parents need to sign up in order to have access to the program.

Mary O’Malley of ConnectEdu will be on campus in the library computer lab from 6-7 pm and again from 7-8 pm to help parents understand how to utilize the program. PLEASE RSVP to Ms. Kampschroeder at 213-8051 ext. 8067 and give your name, your child’s name and the time slot you will attend. There are only 25 slots per hour. Please call now!

Students: College Club is a group that will meet once a month after school on a Thursday at 1:120 pm. Its first meeting is on April 5th in the Library computer lab to learn how to use the ConnectEdu computer program.

Make plans to attend!