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Outlines for Chapter 43

Skim the chapter tonight and determine the 3-5 main questions the chapter addresses.

Bring to class tomorrow, along with your textbook and you individual reading books.

Reminders for the week of April 30

From now until the AP exam, bring your textbook to class. We will cover Watergate through Carter on Monday.

Bring your individual book that you chose to read with you to class on Tuesday.

If you have not done your pre-registration for the AP exam yet, you MUST go to the session on Wednesday afternoon.

It is now less than two weeks to the AP exam. Dedicate yourself to doing whatever it takes to demonstrate a high level of knowledge on the exam. It is time to really concentrate. After school sessions continue.

39-41 Quiz on Monday, April 23

Due to the flood of field trips and other interruptions, the quiz over Chapters 39-41 will be on Monday, April 23. As much as I would like it to be some other day, it must be on Monday, or else it will cover 4 chapters.

So be prepared!

Assignment on book on Monday, April 16! Reminder! Books are to be completed by April 30!

You should be halfway through with your book. There will be an in-class assignment on your book on Monday, so bring your book with you if you want.

Who were the 10 worst presidents? Due Friday, April 20

Here is the link to the US NEWS article online.

And here is a summary along with a place where you can vote (and find out how others voted).

Your assignment, due next Friday, is to compile your own 10 worst presidents list, with a brief explanation of why you chose these particular presidents.

Homework due Monday– reminder!

Read and answer the questions to the excerpts of NSC-68, the Marshall Plan, and Iron Curtain speech.

Vocabulary for April 2-5