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Deadlines…… Very important!

Your outline notes for chapter 8 are due Tuesday, September 11. Your term check over chapter 8 will be tomorrow as well.

Chapter 9 will be due on Thursday, September 13. Outline notes for that chapter will be due that day, as well. Make sure you have read the Declaration of Causes and Necessities…” in the chapter 8 blog archive as well as “The Suffolk Resolves” and the excerpt of Common Sense by Thursday.

Chapter 10 outlines will be due on Tuesday, September 18. Your test over chapters 8-10 will be as scheduled on Friday, September 21. We will then be back on track, according to the reading schedule.

Remember, terms checks may be given on dates when chapters are due. You may combine your terms into your notes, if you wish. Make sure your notes explain the significance, causes, effects, etc. of events.