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Test over Civil War Chapters 20-21 tomorrow.

Bring your textbooks with you tomorrow and Thursday.

If you are eligible, you should be reading your extra credit book if you choose to do an extra credit project. Remember, you cannot do extra credit in place of regular credit assignments, so if you are missing an essay or revision, you are ineligible.

Outline notes over Chapter 22 due Thursday. I will post the outline below here later.

Chapter 20 Outlines

Chapter 20 Outline for notes– Due Tuesday

Make sure you explain historical significance.

I. Comparison of military strengths and weaknesses of the Union and the Confederacy
—-A. Military leadership
—-B. Supplies
—-C. Population
—-D. President Lincoln vs. President Davis

II. Economics
—-A. Northern manufacturing
—-B. King Cotton
—-C. Income tax and tariffs
—-D. National Banking System
—-E. Confederate bonds and inflation

III. Diplomacy and foreign relations
—-A. Ft. Sumter
—-B. Keeping the Border States in the Union
——–1. How does this influence the stated war aims?
—-C. Influence of the British
——–1. Trent Affair
——–2. Alabama
——–3. Laird rams
——–4. Dominion of Canada
—-D. The French

IV. Civil Liberties
—-A. Conscription
——–1. $300 men
—-B. Habeas Corpus
——–1. in Maryland
——–2. in Missouri
—-C. Blockade
—-D. EXTRA CREDIT: Ex parte Merryman , Ex parte Milligan and Vallandingham affair—look ‘em up and explain ‘em

DBQ revision

Remember– your DBQ revision should be brought to class on Monday, and the final draft is due Tuesday.

Extra credit book choice due Monday.

Make sure you decide on a book if you are going to do the extra credit assignment by Monday. This can raise your grade as much as 3-4 %.

Chapter 19 Outline

Once again, practice making your own outline over Chapter 19. Organize around 3-5 encompassing questions. Due Monday.

Do not simply write notes for each subheading. Organize your notes according to broad topics.