Chapter 26 Outlines

Outlines Chapter 26 APUSH

These are due Monday, January 7.

You will fill in the details using numerals and lower case letters.

I. Explain how Native Americans were eliminated as a threat to westward expansion.
—–A. Plain Indian culture
—–B. Why did warfare intensify between tribes? What role did US settlement policy play?
—–C. Treaties and the start of the Reservation system
—–D. Indian Wars with the US Army
—–E. How was the buffalo used as a means of control?
—–F. What was the Dawes Act and its effects?

** Go onto the internet and research what happened to the money the tribes were supposed to receive for their surrendered lands. Use keywords such as “Indian trust fund Interior Department” Write a summary in your own words for extra credit.

II. White settlers move into the Great Plains and Rockies
—–A. Homestead Act
—–B. Commercialization of farming
—–C. Cattle Industry
—–D. Mining Industry
—–E. Inventions and techniques that make the Plains profitable
—–F. Turner’s Frontier Thesis- what does impact does the frontier have on American culture and development?

III. Economic hardship for farmers
—–A. Deflation- what is it? Why is tt bad?
—–B. Causes of farm debt
—–C. Natural disasters
—–D. Fighting the trusts, especially the Railroads
—–E. The Grange—an attempt to organize farmers
—–F. Greenback Labor Party
—–G. Populism

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