Chapter 27 Outline– due January 15

Chapter 27 Outline– Imperialism

I. Describe the various US interests in Asia.
—–A. Philippines
———-1. Philippine-American War
———-2. Aguinaldo
———-3. Philippine Commission
———-4. Taft
———-5. “benevolent assimilation”
—–B. China
———-1. John Hay and the Open Door
———-2. Boxer Rebellion
—–C. Japan
———-1. Russo-Japanese War and the Treaty of Portsmouth
—————a. effect on Roosevelt
———-2. Gentlemen’s Agreement
—————a. racial considerations
———-3. Root-Takahara Agreement

II. Describe the various US interests in Latin America.
—–A. Isthmian canal controversy
———-1. Why do we need it?
———-2. Nicaragua pros and cons
———-3. Panama pros and cons
—–B. Treaties
———-(explain the terms and signatories of the three treaties)
—–C. How does Panama gain its “independence?”
———-1. “cowboy diplomacy”
———-2. Who was Philippe Bunau- Varilla? Whose interests did he really represent?
———-3. What does it trade for its freedom?
———-4. Canal Zone
—–D. Venezuela
—–E. Why did we intervene in the Dominican Republic in 1905?
—–E. Cuba again
—–F. “preventive intervention,” aka the Roosevelt Corollary
———-1. “Bad Neighbor” policy and the “Colossus of the North”

III. What were the political repercussions of imperialism and expansion?
—–A. racial arguments informing imperialism and anti-imperialism
—–B. McKinley and imperialism
—–C. William J. Bryan and imperialism
—–D. Roosevelt and imperialism
———-1. “Big Stick”- explain
—–E. Why did America become a world power? Summarize.

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