Class assignment from December 5

For those of you gallivanting around with the debate team. or sick, or both….

1. Read the excerpts from the Mississippi Black Code of 1866 and the Wade-Davis Manifesto– these are waaay down this page AND in the chapter 22 archives.

How do the two relate to each other? Why were Radical Republicans outraged by Presidential Reconstruction and its leniency, given the example of the Black Code as an example of egregious behavior on the part of what they termed “whitewashed rebels?”

2. Write a 1 page (250 word minimum) comparison between Presidential and Congressional Reconstruction. At the end of your analysis, explain why you think Reconstruction failed. Use the two documents above, as well as information from chapter 23 (Compromise of 1877, especially!!!!!!) to add detail to your analysis. This will be worked on in class on Monday after the terms check and due on Tuesday at the beginning of class!!!!!

3. Remember, Chapter 23 is due on Monday, and you have a terms check. There will be no debate about this (snort!).

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