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This week… UPDATED! READ!

We will be doing registration– permanent registration– Wednesday. Make sure you contemplate the classes you actually want to take so that when you see your counselor you are ready to go.

We will also be discussing the Turner reading in quite some depth ON FRIDAY. You will be held accountable for carefully reading and understanding the essay. THERE WILL BE POINTS EARNED FOR BEING ABLE TO DISCUSS THE READING IN CLASS ON FRIDAY, since registration took forever and a day. MANY OF YOU NEED THESE POINTS. So read the essay carefully.

I would suggest that you bring a copy of the essay to class, and I would suggest that you take notes over it so that you can demonstrate your understanding.

Bring your textbook, as well.

Make sure that you are putting in the effort to get the grade you want to receive. I remind you that I am here after school nearly everyday, and you need to avail yourself of assistance BEFORE quizzes or assignments are due. You are ultimately cheating only yourself if you put little effort into learning the material, and grades and test scores will reflect that. So be good to yourself, and get the job done.