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MC practice 3

MC practice 3

In the warfare that raged between Native Americans and the US military,
A. the Native Americans were never as well armed as the soldiers.
B. soldiers showed great mobility with their swift horses.
C. Native Americans were often better armed than the soldiers.
D. Native Americans proved to be no match for soldiers.
E. Native Americans utilized close ties across tribal lines to organize resistance and unite for warfare.

Farmers in the late 19th century believed that their difficulties stemmed from
A. low tariff rates.        D. the currency supply.
B. overproduction.        E. drought.
C. easy credit.

The major factor drawing people off farms and into the big cities was
A. the development of the skyscraper.
B. the availability of industrial jobs.
C. the compact nature of large communities.
D. the advent of new housing structures known as dumbbell tenements.
E. the lure of cultural excitement and entertainment.

The religious denomination that responded the most favorably to the New Immigration was
A. Roman Catholics            D. Christian Scientists
B. Baptists                E. Mormons
C. Episcopalians

Booker T. Washington believed that the key to political and civil rights for African Americans was
A. specialized trades. to demonstrate African Americans’ contributions to society and the economy
B. rigorous academic training
C. the rejection of accomodationist attitudes
D. to directly challenge white supremacy
E. an emphasis on liberal arts colleges that admitted blacks.

That a “talented tenth” of American blacks should lead the rest of the race to full social and political equality with whites was the view of
A. Mary Baker Eddy.        D. Dwight L. Moody.
B. Booker T. Washington.    E. W. E. B. DuBois.
C. Jane Addams.

Under President Benjamin Harrison, the Republicans were eager to spend the government’s surplus money because they wanted to
A. safeguard the high tariff.        D. deny that they were insensitive to the needs of labor.
B. win the support of farmers.    E. help ease the hardships caused by the Depression of 1893.
C. increase the services government provided to citizens.

Carrie Nation was associated most strongly with the issue of
A. women’s suffrage.            D. women’s labor laws.
B. prohibition.                E. passage of the 14th Amendment.
C. the settlement house movement.

In 1890 the most important source of revenue for the federal government was
A. income taxes
B. inheritance taxes
C. sales taxes
D. liquor taxes
E. customs duties

The United States gained rights to Guantanamo Bay as a result of the
A. Teller Amendment.        D. Foraker Act.
B. Treaty of Paris of 1898.        E. Platt Amendment.
C. Monroe Doctrine.