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The kidnapping and murder of Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr.

This was one of the most sensational trials of the 1920s, already known for its outrageous trials.


Twenty month old Charles Lindbergh, Jr., infant son of the famous aviator, was kidnapped from his bedroom window on March 1, 1932. A ransom request was left at the scene: “Dear Sir, Have 50,000$ ready $25,000 in $20 bills $15,000 in $10 bills and $10,000 in $5 bills. After 2-4 days will inform you were to deliver the Mony. We warn you for making anyding public or for notify the Polise the child is in gut care. Indication for all letters are singnature and 3 holds.” Three later letters were mailed to the Lindberghs.

The baby’s body was later found murdered a few miles from the Lindberghs’ home on May 12, badly decomposed and not intact.

This tragedy led to laws being enacted making kidnapping a federal crime; it had previously been a local matter. This law was known as “Lindbergh’s Law.”