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MC practice 6- five easy pieces

try these:

1. In the mid-1920s, President Coolidge twice refused to sign legislation proposing to
A. exempt farmers’ cooperatives from anti-trust laws
B. defend the family farm against corporate takeovers
C. make the US a member of the World Court
D. lower taxes
E. subsidize farm prices

2. Marcus Garvey, founder of the United Negro Improvement Association, is known for all of the following EXCEPT
A. promoting the resettlement of American blacks in Africa
B. establishing schools to teach trades
C. cultivating feelings of self-reliance among American blacks
D. being sent to prison after a conviction for fraud
E. promoting black-owned businesses

3. The automobile revolution resulted in all of the following EXCEPT
A. consolidation of schools
B. increased dependence of women on men
C. the growth of suburbs
D. a loss of population in less attractive states
E. altered youthful dating behavior

4. The first “talkie” motion picture was
A. The Great Train Robbery
B. The Birth of a Nation
C. The Wizard of Oz
D. Gone With the Wind
E. The Jazz Singer

5. The 1920 census revealed that for the first time most
A. men worked in manufacturing
B. adult women worked outside the home
C. Americans lived in cities
D. Americans lived west of the Mississippi
E. families had fewer than four children

33 due tomorrow

You can do either notes or just the terms– whatever you think will help you most on the terms check.