An interview with Florence Thompson, the “Migrant Mother”

8b29516r.jpgGo to this site, (, to hear an interview with Mrs. Thompson near the end of her life. The video takes a while to load, but it’s worth it, since it then shows her children with her at the time of the interview as grown women. There is a transcript of her interview printed at the site as well.

This site ( has a similar interview, but with more information about her life, but the link seems not to be working. You may be able to find a cahced version of the interview.

Here is the collection of the photographs (and some background information) taken by Dorothea Lange at the Library of Congress.

Notice the difference of textures within the photograph: the touseled blond heads of the children, turned away; the mother’s far-away expression, hand to her mouth, which also reminds us of her hunger and the hunger of her children; the dirty face on the sleeping infant. Here Lange captures and makes immediate the experience of the desperate victims of the Dust Bowl.


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  1. […] one photo from her series, but kept the rest in its archives. The most famous of the series, Migrant Mother, is in the public domain and can be found all over the internet. Alfred Eisenstaedt iconic image […]

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