MC practice 9

Grading tomorrow!


1. One of the main factors which enabled Europeans to conquer Native Americans with relative ease was
A.    the pacifistic nature of the natives.
B.    the settled agricultural societies of North America.
C.    the absence of dense concentrations of population or complex nation-states.
D.    the use of native guides.
E.    all of the above.

2. After the purchases of slaves in 1619 by Jamestown settlers, additional purchases of Africans were few because
A.  they were poor workers.
B.  many colonists were morally opposed to slavery.
C.  their labor was not needed.
D.  indentured servants refused to work with them.
E.  they were too costly.

3. Unlike Separatists, Puritans
A.  advocated strict separation of church and state.
B.  practiced passive resistance to opposition.
C.  originally remained members of the Church of England.
D.  were Calvinists.
E.  rejected belief in witchcraft.

4. As a result of Bacon’s Rebellion,
A.  African slavery was reduced.
B.  planters began to look for less troublesome laborers.
C.  Governor Berkeley was dismissed from office.
D.  Nathaniel Bacon was named head of the Virginia Militia.
E.  better relations developed with the local Indians.

5. The New England Confederation
A. included all the New England colonies.
B. was designed to improve colonial defense.
C. led the American colonies to seek independence from England.
D. was created by the English government to streamline its administration of the colonies.
E.  was an economic and trade alliance.

6. The Dominion of New England
A. included all the New England colonies.
B. was created by the English government to streamline its administration of the colonies.
C. was designed to improve colonial defense.
D. eventually included New York and east and west New Jersey.
E. all of the above.

7. The Mayflower Compact can BEST be described as
A. an agreement to follow the dictates of Parliament.
B. a document that allowed women limited participation in government.
C. a constitution that established a working government.
D. a complex agreement to form an oligarchy.
E. a promising step toward genuine self-government.

8. The idea that women were nonexistent politically and had no right to property of their own is one part of the doctrine of
A. femme covert.                D. status quo ante bellum.
B. chauvinism.                    E. ipso facto.
C. English common law.

9. The greatest impact to the Native Americans from the fur trade was
A. they over-hunted and upset the balance of nature, destroying entire habitats.
B. a decrease in Native population as they came into contact with new diseases.
C. a technological revolution that upset the balance of traditional society, as trade goods became addictive.
D. Indians became enslaved by traders, partially through addiction to alcohol.
E. death from accidents that occurred while hunting in winter.

10. All of the following were consequences of the Half-Way Covenant EXCEPT
A. it weakened the distinction between the “elect” and others.
B. it maintained the original agreement of the covenant.
C. it conferred partial membership rights in the once-exclusive congregations.
D. it increased the numbers of church membership.
E. women became the majority in Puritan congregations.

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