A good place to help study terms

Since some of you are concerned about your terms check comprehension, here is a good site (although it is based on a different textbook, there is a lot of overlap):


For practice multiple choice items, this site provides instant feedback:


I’d bookmark these sites, if I were struggling, and I’d use them often!

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  1. Mrs. scooop!!!!!! I DONT KNOW how to begin to write my essay like i looked up the revolution in the text index and couldnt find it and like would it just be in chapter 7 of where i could find the point of where it was inevitable to stop the revolutionary war?

  2. YOU have to decide when YOU think the war was inevitable. At what point had both sides committed themselves? This is an opinion question. Your job is to pick a point and then defend why you chose that point.

    Come see me if you still have questions.

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