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1. I reuse posts from previous years, and as you know I was in a lot of pain on Wednesday. I made it clear to you all in class on Tuesday and on the deadlines page that

chapter 8 outlines were due today for regular credit.

I am sorry I did not see the information from last year in the middle of the post as I hurried to get home and try to rest. But you heard the correct information out of my mouth, and it’s on the deadlines page. But I deleted the old, incorrect information from last year over 24 hours ago, and I commented, providing the correct information at that time. That’s it.

2. For chapter 9, we are going to do a review packet.  You will receive this packet on Monday, which is when chapter 9 is due (once again, see the deadlines page!) “Due” means the chapter should be read and you should know the historical significance and meaning of the terms so that you can ace your terms check quiz.

3. If you wish, you may do the outline notes over the textbook from MY format for extra credit. It will be due on Tuesday. I will only grade completed, well done notes to save my sanity. I was going to post the outline on the front page of the blog, but now I’m afraid that will cause even more confusion. So if you want to do the extra credit outline notes, go to the chapter 9 archives.

So for this weekend, you should be reading chapter 9 and making sure you know the terms.

There will be further posts later on this weekend, since I could not get onto WordPress at school this afternoon. So keep a weather eye out.