Chapter 20 questions

Get 1-13 done by Monday, and be thorough. We will follow the same format as last week (Monday go over questions, Tuesday have terms check).

Chapter 20 questions

1. What happened to most of the federal property in seceding states? What were the exceptions, and why were the exception important?

2. Describe the dilemma Lincoln faced regarding Ft. Sumter. How did the events at Ft. Sumter become symbolic to both the North and South?

3. What is significant about the fact that Lincoln issued a call for 75,000 militiamen?

4. What were the Border states, and why did they not join the Confederacy?

5. Why was it vital that the North keep these areas in the Union? How did this need influence strategy and goals?

6. What happened in Missouri during the war? What about southern Illinois to southern Ohio? In modern Oklahoma?

7. Create a chart about the strengths and weaknesses of the opposing sides?

8. Why was cotton overestimated by Southerners as a way to gain influence and support overseas?

9. What role did Britain play in the Civil War? Consider especially the blockade of the South by the Union navy (remember the Alabama and the Laird Rams)

10. What role did Canada play during the fighting?

11. Who was Maximilian?

12. Describe Lincoln’s record on civil liberties during the war (make sure you review the entire chapter)?

13. What is conscription and why was (is) it controversial? What were ways to evade conscription, and how and why did some protest this method of raising troops? What were the differences between conscription in the North versus in the South?

14. Why were Irish Americans likely to resent being drafted, from an economic standpoint (this is review of material we have discussed in class)?

15. How did the Union attempt to raise revenue to pay for the war? List and explain the various methods used, and their efficacy.

16. What was the intent of the National Banking System?

17. Why did the South have more trouble financing the war? What was the economic impact on the South?

18. Why did the North actually prosper during the war?

19. What corrupt practices occurred during the war, and why were they possible?

20. How did women contribute to the war effort on both sides?

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