Study Guide for Midterm, Part 2!

Organizations: New England Confederation; Dominion of New England; committees of correspondence; The Association; 1/2 Continental Congress; House of Burgesses; House of Representatives; Senate; Albany Congress; Stamp Act Congress; Whig party; Federalists/Blue Light; Democratic/Republican parties; third parties/dark horse/favorite sons; Old Guard/Young Guard; New England Emigrant Aid Society

Battles/Events: XYZ Affair; Citizen genet Affair; Shays’ Rebellion; French and Indian War; Whiskey Rebellion; Bacon’s Rebellion; Battles of Saratoga/Yorktown; slave rebellions; Undeclared War w/France; Indian wars/massacres; Lewis and Clark; mosquito fleet/pirates of Tripoli; Ostend Manifesto; Mexican War; filibusters; Battle of Horseshoe Bend; War of 1812; Battle of New Orleans; Kansas-Nebraska Act; Dred Scott decision

Education/Culture/Religion: 1/2 Great Awakening; New Light Colleges; predestination; reform movements; Columbian Exchange; assimilation; “the elect”/”visible saints”; City on a Hill; Halfway Covenant; importance of labor; Log College/Princeton; Harvard College; Salem Witch Trials

Important Ideas/concepts/trends: Calvinism; Mercantilism; Protestant Work Ethic; Enlightenment; republicanism; democracy; Jacksonian Democracy; market revolution; states’ rights/federalism; Federalism/Antifederalism; loose/strict construction; manufacturing farming; Jeffersonain ideal- Empire for Liberty; Manifest Destiny; “city on a hill”– exceptionalism; sectionalism/nationalism; territorial expansion/slavery; Founding of  jamestown, Plymouth, Massachusetts Bay, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania; Hamilton’s financial plans; weakness/strngth of Articles of Confederation; Constitutional Convention; development of parties/factions; effects of 3/5 Compromise (long and short-term); encomienda/Black Legend; slavery/indentured servitude/ rights of man; Hamilton/Jefferson struggle; Jeffersonian Democracy/Jacksonian Democracy; tensions in antebellum period; compromises 1820/1850/Crittenden; compact theory/contract theory; Oregon/Texas expansion; relations with Britan; Monroe Doctrine

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