Possible topics for FRQs on Final Exam

Always consider the reasons, sources, controversies, political implications of each question.

Your actual essay prompts will be written differently, to improve test validity.

1. The problem of labor in America from its founding through 1877

2. Shift in attitudes of American colonists toward Great Britain in the 18th century

3. Religion’s role in the founding of America and the extent to which freedom of religion existed

4. To what extent was the Jacksonian period of 1828-1848 really the “era of the common man?” (Consider the power of the presidency under Jackson as well.)

5. How the role of the federal government changed from 1860-1877 in social, economic, and political ways

6. Evaluate the effectiveness of Articles of Confederation in domestic and foreign affairs

7. Slavery’s influence on the political rhetoric of the American revolution

8. The moral and political implications of Manifest Destiny on minority peoples

9. Effectiveness of compromise on sectional tensions in 19th century

10. Women’s challenges to their accepted status from 1776-1877

I would outline my answers including some specific terms and facts I would include. This will also help you study for your overall final, as well.

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