Chapter 25 Outlines

Ch 25 Outline
Outlines due January 13- 14

Fill in the details or explanations, and include any effects or significance.

Big Question: What factors caused American cities to grow so rapidly in the late 19th century, and what impact did this have on American life? In what ways are cities melting pots, and in what ways are they pressure cookers?

I. Two “I”s for “U”: Industrialization and Immigration expand the Urban landscape
—–A. Job opportunities in the city
—–B. “America fever” brings “New Immigrants”
———-Why do they come, and do they all stay?
———-How are they different from the “Old Immigrants?”
———-How does this difference pose a challenge for society?
———-Nativism rises again- APA
—–C. Describe attempts to limit immigration (Consider the debate over immigration in our time to help shape your thoughts)
———-Why does organized labor take sides?
—–D. Transportation revolutionizes the “walking city”
———-“Bedroom communities” and suburbs
—–E. Housing methods, for better or worse
———-Ethnic neighborhoods, Dumbbell tenements, slums
—–F. What impact does urbanization and industrialization have on families?

II. How do scientists, reformers, and writers challenge the status quo?
—–A. Liberalism vs. Conservatism in the Churches
———-Can “robber barons” be religious people?
———-Revivalism rises again: Moody, Gibbons, Rauschenbusch, and Eddy try to awaken the spirit
———-YMCA and Salvation Army provide havens
—–B. Social Gospel vs. Gospel of Wealth
———-Rauschenbusch and the Social Gospel
———-Women reformers: Addams, Wald, Kelley
———-Hull House, Henry Street Settlement, and Americanization
—–C. Darwinism vs. the Churches
———-Biblical literalism (Fundamentalism) vs. science
———-“Accomodationists”—what did they believe?
—–D. Du Bois vs. Washington
———-Tuskegee and accomodationism
———-George Washington Carver
———-Founding of the NAACP
———-The “talented tenth” and integration
———-Colleges for Blacks
—–E. Muckraking authors call for change
———-Ida B. Wells
—–F. Moral regulation: Woodhull vs. the Comstock Laws
———-Prohibition: Is it just a backlash against immigrants?
—–G. What impact does urbanization have on women?
———-Charlotte Gilman and the birth of feminism: why now?
———-The fight for suffrage: Anthony, Catt, Stanton, and NAWSA
—–H. The Metaphysical Club– who are they, and what areas of knowledge do they impact?

III. Education and literature blossoms-Is this the start of a new information age?
—–A. High schools and “normal” schools
—–B. How do land grant colleges change the education levels of Americans?
———-Morrill Act, Hatch Act and their impact
———-Coeducation and Colleges of Blacks
—–C. The rise of the research universities
———-Stanford, Hopkins, Chicago
—–D. Changing curricula reflect changing society
—–E. Newspapers and public libraries- what is their impact?
—–F. Serious literature and dime novels
———-Twain, Dickinson, Harte, Crane, Adams, James, London, Dreiser
—–G. Artistic triumphs

IV. The rise of the consumer culture
—–A. The birth of the disposable society–Packaging creates waste: impact?
—–B. Catalogs and shopping!
—–C. Birth of advertising
—–D. Amateur and Professional sports
———-Baseball, basketball, boxing, bicycling
—–E. Wild West shows and circuses: Buffalo Bill and P.T. Barnum
—–F. Question for understanding: Where do people get the money and the time to enjoy these things?

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