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Chapter 31 Outlines– due Tuesday

You can do these OR the questions.

Outlines Chapter 31 The 1920s, part I

Make sure that you use your own words and that you explain WHY and how events occurred, as well as any significance to other events.

I. How do Americans react to the aftermath of The Great War?

—–A. Root out radicals

———-1. A. Mitchell Palmer

———-2. Red scare

———-3. Sacco and Vanzetti

—–B. Rebirth of the Klan

—–C. Immigration arouses fears

———-1. “100% Americanism”

———-2. Emergency Quota Act

———-3. Immigration Act 1924

—–D. Root out moral corruption through prohibition

———-1. 18th Amendment

———-2. Volstead Act

———- 3. speakeasies and bootleg likker

—–E. Prohibition leads to… more immorality

—– F. Religious Fundamentalism—what is it?

———-1. Scopes trial

—– G. Birth control and the “New Woman”

II. Economy and Entertainment

—–A. Henry Ford revolutionizes industry—how?

———-1. assembly lines

———- 2. efficiency and Taylor

—–B. What impact does the automobile have on American life?

—–C. The growth of the Consumer Society

—–D. Sports becomes big business

—–E. Movies and the rise of Hollywood

—–F. Literature

—–G. Airplanes

—–H. Art and Architecture

—–I. Land and Stocks

III. African Americans are affected by the Great Migration

—–A. Separatism

—–B. Harlem Renaissance

—–C. UNIA and Marcus Garvey