Chapter 37 Outlines– due March 30

Chapter 37 Outline—Eisenhower Era
Due Tuesday, March 30 for everyone!

Make sure you write a summary answer to the questions!

I. Explain whether Eisenhower is a liberal, a moderate, or a conservative.
—–A. Election of ’52 and the politicization of Eisenhower
———-Problems with Nixon
———-(Look up and read the Checkers speech)
———-television changes campaigning
—–B. Which party is “soft” on Communism?
—–C. Fight against “creeping socialism” and “socialized medicine”
———-Price supports and the “free-market”
—–D. Native Americans and “termination and relocation”
—–E. Warning about the “military-industrial complex”

II. The War on Communism is reborn as “McCarthyism”
—–A. McCarthy and his “witch hunt”
—–B. Explain what purges are and how they occurred
—–C. How does McCarthy cause his own downfall?
—–D. What is the effect on labor?
———-Merger of AFL and CIO
———-Teamster troubles
———-Labor reform
———-Landrum-Griffin Act

III. How does our war against international Communism affect the movement for civil rights at home?
—–A. An American Dilemma
—–B. Jim Crow laws
—–C. Desegregating professional sports
—–D. NAACP adopts a legal strategy
———-Thurgood Marshall
———-Sweatt case
———-Rosa Parks and MLK
—–E. To Secure These Rights
———-What was Truman’s civil rights record? (Why is this surprising?)
—–F. What is the focus of the Warren Court?
—–G. Little Rock Nine (go to for more info)
—–H. Civil Rights Act
—–J. SNCC and sit-in movement

IV. Foreign policy in the Cold War heats up
—–A. Containment criticized by JF Dulles
—–B. Massive retaliation—and fears of a “missile gap”
—–C. SAC
—–D. Khrushchev comes to power in USSR
—–E. Vietnam as a microcosm of the struggle against containment
—–F. SEATO is formed
—–G. Communism on the move in Europe
———-spirit of Geneva
—–H. Crises in the Middle East
———-Suez crisis
———-Eisenhower Doctrine
———-Formation of OPEC
—–I. Space Race and Sputnik
———-Effect on education
—–J. Spying and U-2
—–K. Crisis in Latin America

V. Society in the 50s
—–A. Consumerism
—–B. Technological advances—IBM and BOEING
—–C. New “cult of domesticity
———-Pink collar ghetto
—–D. Feminine Mystique
—–E. Fast food, TV trays, and TV preachers
—–F. Rock and roll! Long Live the King!
—–G. Literature and poetry

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