Chapter 39- the 70s outlines

39 Outline– due April 12
Stalemated Seventies

I. What were Nixon’s Foreign Relations Concerns?
A. How does he attempt to get us out of Vietnam?
1. Vietnamization
2. Nixon Doctrine
3. My Lai
4. Invasion of Cambodia– what did he hope to accomplish?
B. Détente (What does that mean?)
1. Kissinger
2. ABM treaty
4. How committed are we really to de-armament?
C. “Opening” of China
1. Why?
2. How does this impact relations with Moscow?
a. “China card”
D. “Peace with honor” in Vietnam?
1. Bombings

II. Nixon’s Domestic Concerns
A. Cooling economy—explain factors
1. Wage and price freeze
2. End of gold standard
3. End of Bretton Woods system
B. The Warren Court leans left
1. Judicial activism
2. Southern criticism
3. Appointment of Berger disappoints
C. Social spending
2. SSI
3. “indexing”
D. Anti-discrimination
1. “Philadelphia Plan” of 1969
2. What are “set-asides?”
3. Change in meaning of affirmative action
4. What is “reverse discrimination?”
E. Environmental concerns
1. Silent Spring
2. EPA
3. Clean Air Act
4. Endangered Species Act

A. The Watergate, CREEP and “dirty tricks”
B. indicted staffers
C. Nixon’s paranoia
1. enemies list
2. Ellsberg
3. “plumbers”
D. Sam Ervin’s investigation
1. John Dean
2. tapes
3. Archibald Cox and the “Saturday Night Massacre”
E. Agnew’s resignation
1. Gerald Ford and the 25th Amendment

Make a chart for each Supreme Court decision including the following information:
Name of case, date, issue addressed, Constitutional amendment or article addressed; summary of decision, impact

1. Griswold v. Connecticut
2. Gideon v. Wainwright
3. Escobedo v. Illinois
4. Miranda v. Arizona
5. Engel v. Vitale
6. School District of Abingdon Township v. Schempp
7. Reynolds v. Sims
8. Roe v. Wade
9. Griggs v. Duke Power Co.

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