Archaeologists search for evidence of the Pequot War

Here is the link from the Associated Press. Since they have threatened to sue any website that uses their content without paying a fee, you need to just click on the link below to read the article.

The Pequot War is mentioned on page 52 in Chapter 3 of your text.

This geneological site ( has excellent background on the Pequot War and its significance. Here is the opening paragraph:

For the early settlers of Southern Connecticut, the Pequot War of 1637 had great consequences. In what was the first serious armed conflict between indigenous people and settlers in New England, the powerful Pequot tribe that occupied and controlled the Connecticut Valley was “blotted out from under heaven”, in the words of one Puritan. By the time the Davenport and Whitfield congregations settled New Haven and Guilford, there was no threat of Indian resistance. Success of the planters, like all of the settlers of The Great Migration, depended on the cooperation or acquiesence of the Indians….

Click on the address to read the brief summary, which also includes a map that may be helpful to your understanding.

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