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Welcome to my blog

This is Mrs. Scoop’s blog for the AP US history kids at PHS. Although it is designed for my students’ needs, anyone is welcome to use it. If you look to the right, you will see a list of category tags. There is a category for each chapter in our textbook, The American Pageant. In addition, there are subject categories, such as “Native Americans” or “assignments” Most posts are located in at least two categories, like “Chapter 1” and “Native Americans” or “Colonization.”

Under each chapter category, I have provided primary source documents that will help expand your understanding of the chapter, as well as other materials such as practice test items, historical essays or explanations. I strongly urge you to use this information to aid your comprehension and to prepare yourself for not only my tests and quizzes but for the AP exam as well.You are welcome to leave comments– I would suggest you use a pseudonym rather than your real name for security purposes. The comments need to be appropriate– that’s directed more at outside visitors than my students. If you have a question, post it in the comments and someone will probably answer it.

Welcome! Let’s take off!

Photo by Randy Pollock of a shuttle launch at dawn, 2007