Summer assignment

In case you lost your paper but miraculously wrote down my blog address, here is the summer assignment. This will be worth up to 100 points of extra credit and will keep you from having to do four more 2-chapter weeks. This assignment is due on the first day of school.

Of course, you can also look at the tab that is labeled Chapter 1 terms and see that the first four chapters worth of terms are there as well, long with the rest of them for semester 1.


Define the terms and answer the questions fully. Remember to not just define or identify the term, but to explain its historical significance. Here  is an example:

matrilineal: a system in which family or clan identification is determined through  the mother’s side of the family, not the father’s. This system was in place in some North American native societies, especially the Huron, Cherokee and Iroquois. Another term for this type of system is matriarchy.

Chapter 1 New World Beginnings, 33,000 BC- AD 1769

Define and identify the historical significance of the following:

Mississippian culture——————Anasazi————-Cahokia
Iroquois————————L’Anse aux Meadows ——Vinland
Ferdinand/Isabella——Christopher Columbus——“sugar revolution”
Taino————————-Treaty of Tordesillas——Tenochtitlan
encomienda——————Giovanni Caboto————St. Augustine (FL)
Juan de Onate—————-Battle of Acoma————Pope’s Rebellion
conquistadores——————-mestizos————“three sister” agriculture
Juan Ponce de Leon————Moctezuma————Junipero Serra
Ferdinand Magellan————Hernan Cortes————mission Indians
Francisco Coronado————tidewater region————Franciscans
Hernando de Soto——————Malinche——————“Black Legend”
Vasco Nunez de Balboa————Quetzalcoatl——————Hispaniola
Bartolome de Las Casas————-maize——————Robert La Salle
Mound Builders——————Battle of Acoma————Alamo (at this time)
Pueblo culture——————Mound Builders——————Norse
Explain the following fully:
— What kind of environmental impact did Native Americans have?  Why do you think this impact was significantly different from that of the Europeans?
— What was the impetus for European exploration in the 15th and 16th centuries?
— Describe the impact of interaction between Europe and the Americas, including the global effects of the Columbian exchange of plants, and of the introduction of European illnesses into the Americas.
— Describe the system of encomienda.  What was the ethical rationale for this system? What were the practical effects of this system?

Chapter 2 The Planting of English America, 1500-1733
Define and identify the historical significance of the following:

Sir Walter Raleigh————Roanoke Island————Virginia
“surplus population”————charter——————Powhatan
“starving time”——————“Irish tactics”——1st Anglo-Powhatan War
2nd Anglo-Powhatan War——“three Ds”————Powhatan’s Confederacy
Piedmont————————Algonquians——“seminary of sedition”
Barbados Slave Code——Restoration period——Deganawidah
Tuscaroras————Iroquois Confederacy————“soil butchery”
John Smith————————John Rolfe——indentured servant
Lord Baltimore——————Charles II——————Hiawatha
Lords Proprietors————Savannah Indians——Lord de la Warr
Tuscaroras————————Yamasees————James Oglethorpe
Handsome Lake——————John Wesley———House of Burgesses
primogeniture————joint-stock company————Act of Toleration
Virginia Company———-Iroquois Confederacy——proprietorship
Explain the following fully:
–Trace the establishment of the five southeastern English colonies of Virginia, Maryland, Carolinas, and Georgia, outlining their similarities and differences.
— How did the Indians respond to English settlement? What factors prevented them from resisting effectively? What attempts were made by the Indians to overcome this?
— How did English land laws influence the English settlement of North America?
— Outline the beginning of the plantation system and its importation to America.  How did colonists deal with the need for labor before slavery became widespread?
— Go to on the internet. What is the Fall Line? How did it influence Native American and English settlement?

Chapter 3 Settling the Northern Colonies, 1619-1700
Define and identify the historical significance of the following:

Anne Hutchinson————William Penn————Sir Edmund Andros
Roger Williams————John Winthrop——————“the elect”
William Bradford————John Cotton————predestination
covenant————————Separatists————Bible Commonwealth
Mayflower Compact————Puritans————Dominion of New England
Navigation Laws——————freemen——————antinomianism
Pilgrims——————New England Confederation
Fundamental Orders————Quakers——————King Philip’s War
“salutary neglect”————Middle Colonies————“bread colonies”
Eurocentrism——————the Chesapeake————“Blue Laws”
“Protestant work ethic”————Metacom ————“royal colony”
Explain the following fully:
— Describe the three separate regions of English colonies.  How did each region differ from the others, and why?
— Describe the Puritan/Separatist drive to establish colonies.  How did religious beliefs inform their actions?
–Respond to the following: “Early America was a haven for religious dissidents.”
–Explain the relationship between the mother country and the English colonies, including an explanation of the era of “neglect” and its aftermath. Contrast the New England Confederation with the Dominion of New England.
— Describe the interaction between the English and the Native Americans. How were the Puritans and Quakers different in their relations with natives?  Compare English actions with those of the Spanish.

Chapter 4 American Life in the Seventeenth Century, 1607-1692
Define and identify the historical significance of the following:

William Berkeley————Nathaniel Bacon————headright system
middle passage————Bacon’s Rebellion————“freedom dues”
Royal African Company————Gullah——————midwifery
Salem Witch Trials ————Halfway Covenant————gentry
the Chesapeake——————“white slaves”————“freedom dues”
House of Burgesses———— “Yankee ingenuity”
Explain the following fully:
— Describe the abuses of the indentured servant system.  How did the conditions freedmen faced become potentially explosive?  How did the headright system exacerbate the frustrations of the freedmen? Why do you think “No slave uprising in American history matched the scale of Bacon’s Rebellion?”
— List the pros and cons of being a woman in the Chesapeake during the 17th century.  Why would so few women live to be forty years old?  What were the challenges faced by early American families? Explain the statement that “New England invented grandparents.”
— List the factors that made importing African slaves more appealing after 1680. Why did so many slaves have to be imported during the years before 1720?  What caused the decline of importation?  Describe how cultural interaction influenced both the colonists and the slaves.
— Why did the Puritans face a crisis of faith in the mid-17th century?  How did they attempt to deal with this? Evaluate the efficacy of this transition.

Questions? Put a comment in the comment section and either I or someone else will probably answer it.

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