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Chapter 1-4 Review questions- handed out 8/16

Chapter 1: Answer fully. Due Tuesday, August 17.
1. How  did the Crusades lead to the European discovery of the Americas?
2. What was the effect of the Treaty of Tordesillas?
3. Describe the system of encomienda.  What was the ethical rationale for this system?
4. Why was Saint Augustine, FL founded and when? Why is the founding of this fort historically significant?
5. What does “mission Indian” mean?  What religious group worked with these natives?
6. What was one big difference between Spanish relations with the natives they encountered and that of the English?

Chapter 2: Due Tuesday, August 17.
1. What fatal flaws doomed the original Jamestown settlement?  What was the approximate mortality rate by 1625?
2. What were the advantages and disadvantages of the English settlers’ dependence upon tobacco as a crop? Contrast the requirements for growing tobacco with those of growing sugar.
3. Describe the Maryland Act of Toleration.  Why was it necessary? What were the limits of the tolerance it legislated?
4. What dangerous situation did the English settlers of the West Indies face?  How did they attempt to control this situation?
5. Describe the ties between Carolina and the English West Indies.

Chapter 3: Answer fully.  Due Aug. 18 for hours 1, 3, 5 and Aug. 19 for hour 6.
1. Describe the government of the Plymouth Colony. To what extent was this a democracy?
2. What percentage of the Massachusetts Bay Colony was disenfranchised?  What were the requirements for political participation, and what were the Puritans’ views on democracy?
3. Describe the “Protestant work ethic.”  How influential has this idea been throughout American history?
4. Outline the importance of the Fundamental Orders.
5. Compare and contrast the motives and aims for the founding of the New England Confederation and the Dominion of New England?
6. What does ‘salutary neglect’ (p. 54) mean? Why did the British follow a “hands-off” policy with America during much of its early years?
7. Why were the Dutch able to begin to become a colonial power in the late sixteenth century? What factors eventually led to the Dutch being forced out of the northern colonies?

Chapter 4: Answer fully.  Due Aug. 18 for hours 1, 3, 5 and Aug. 19 for hour 6.
1. Explain the operation of the headright system.
2. Describe the abuses of the indentured servant system.  How did the conditions freedmen faced become potentially explosive?
3. Why did so many slaves have to be imported during the years before 1720?  What caused the decline of importation?
4. Why do you think “No slave uprising in American history matched the scale of Bacon’s Rebellion?”
5. How did slavery change white culture in the South?
6. Explain the statement that “New England invented grandparents.”