Possible multiple choice questions for the 5-7 test…

Gee, I wonder what the answers are….

1. In contrast to the 17th century, by 1775 colonial Americans
A. had become more stratified into social classes and had less social mobility.
B. had all but eliminated poverty.
C. found that it was easier for ordinary people to acquire land.
D. had nearly lost their fear of slave rebellion.
E. had few people who owned small farms.

2. The riches created by the growing slave population in the American South in the 18th century
A. were distributed evenly among the Southern whites.
B. helped to narrow the gap between rich and poor, creating an egalitarian society for whites.
C. created a serious problem with inflation, as too much wealth was invested in slave property.
D. benefited only a few elite families at the expense of the rest of Southern society.
E. enabled poor whites to escape tenant farming.

3. The American colonial exponents of republicanism argued that a just society depends upon
A. a powerful central government.
B. a weak army.
C. a strong aristocratic tradition.
D. support for hierarchical institutions.
E. the willingness of all citizens to work for the common good.

4. Under mercantilist doctrine, the British government reserved the right to do all of the following regarding the American colonies EXCEPT
A. prevent the colonies from forming militias.
B. restrain the colonies from printing paper money.
C. restrict the passage of generous bankruptcy laws.
D. determine what the colonies could manufacture.
E. enumerate products that must be shipped to Britain.

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