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Chapter 9 Outline

Notes Format Chapter 9- This is a regular credit assignment.

Remember to provide details and explain the significance of people and events.

Due Monday, September 13– Terms check that day as well!

I. What were the main features of the various State Constitutions?
A. Republicanism
B. Fundamental Law
C. Egalitarianism
—1. Society of Cincinnati
D. Bills of Rights

II. Analyze the problems faced under the Articles of Confederation.
A. Strengths
–1. Land Ordinance of 1785
–2. Northwest Ordinance of 1787
B. Weaknesses
–1. Economic
–2. Diplomatic
—-Don’t forget the pirates!
–3. Shays’ Rebellion
–4. Weak central govt
–5. States’ rights
C. Annapolis Convention
D. Philadelphia Convention
–1. Approved purpose
–2. Real purpose
E. The “Demigods”
–1. Madison
–2. Hamilton

III. What controversies had to be overcome in adopting the Constitution?
A. Attitudes toward democracy
–1. Conservatism
–2. Civic virtue
–3. Republican motherhood
–4. Fear of mobocracy
–5. What are the undemocratic features of the Constitution?
B. Plans and Compromises
–1. VA (lg state)
–2. NJ (sm state)
–3. Great Compromise
–4. 3/5 Compromise

IV. Describe the two factions that emerge during the controversy over the Constitution.
A. Federalists
–1. Basic reasoning
–2. Briefly list some famous Federalists
–3. Federalist Papers
B. Anti-Federalists
–1. Basic reasoning
–2. Briefly list some famous Anti-Federalists
C. Struggle for Ratification
D. Was this the start of political parties? (answer not in book -do some research)