I feel a blog reading quiz coming on….

And if such a thing WERE to occur, say, Friday or Monday, here’s what I would probably ask about:

From the post on philosophers:

Complete the quote:”When Locke comes to explain how government comes into being, he uses the idea that people agree that their condition in the state of nature is unsatisfactory, and so agree to transfer some of their rights to a central government, while retaining others. This is the theory of the_____________________.”

According to Locke, when is rebellion justified?

Thomas Hobbes’ greatest work is known as __________________________.

Hobbes describes the state of nature as being what?

Hobbes argued that effective government must have what characteristic?

What is the minimal meaning of the word “constitution?”

From the post on Montesquieu:

Montesquieu’s most famous work of political philosophy was what book?

What type of government did Montesquieu consider to be best? Into what three categories did he divide governments?

What concept is Montesquieu’s greatest contribution to the writing of the US Constitution?

From the post on the Virginia Declaration of Rights:

What was George Mason’s objection to the original US Constitution, and what action did he take?

What did Mason believe about standing armies and militia?

Mason actually lists 5 things to which mean have inalienable rights. What are they?

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