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Important reminders

1. Make sure you have prepared for your test tomorrow over chapter 17-19.

2. Make sure you have read and reviewed the blog posts and the reading you received over Manifest Destiny.

3. I will not be here on Friday. Please bring your textbooks so that you can start your outlines for chapter 20 after you finish your test. I have already published the outlines below this post, and you will receive a copy in class tomorrow as well.

Chapter 20 outlines

Chapter 20 Outlines– due Monday, November 15, 2010

I. What would it take for the South to Win?

A. Advantages

1. Military leadership (name and identify leaders) 2. Defensive War 3. Psychological– what were they fighting for?

B. Disadvantages

1. Population  2. Economy–lack of diversification 3. Military– navy, willingness to fight away from home 4. Foreign relations  5. How to pay for war/debt

C. Government– how is the Confederate government organized?

1. Effectiveness of Jefferson Davis/political leaders

2. Effectiveness and features of Confederate constitution

3. Unity of states?

D. Would King Cotton let them down? Explain.

E. What about the Border states?

II. What would it take for the North to win?

A. Advantages

1. Population and immigration  2. Economy (petroleum, millionaires, diversity)– why does it boom? 3. Foreign relations 4. How to pay for war  5. Navy

B. Disadvantages

1. Military leadership (name and describe)  2. Dislike of slavery/Lincoln 3. Must win offensive war 4. What were they fighting for?

C. Government– how effective was the Union government?

1. Effectiveness of Lincoln/political leaders

2. Lincoln and civil liberties– how far is he willing to go to save the Union?

3. Unity of states/public opinion

D. What about the Border States?

III. Johnny Reb versus Billy Yank

A. Brother versus brother

B. Volunteers versus draftees– how and why did it happen for each side, and when?

1. Who was exempt from service? 2. Bounties and substitutes 3. Resisters– Irish and “mountain whites”

C. Effects of war on soldiers

D. Effect of war on African Americans on both sides

E. How were the first shots fired at Ft. Sumter?

IV. Advances during wartime

A. Economic

1. Banking system  2. Millionaires and coal oil johnnies

B. Sanitation and health

C. Role of women expanded