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Choose your small topic for 4 minute drill presentation

Your topics have now been assigned to you, mostly based on your requests if you gave them tto me. They are posted on the front whiteboard. Get your project done early.

What you are eventually going to produce is a four minute presentation (not more or less), with either an audio or visual prop, and a sheet of paper suitable for posting with ten important or interesting facts about your topic.

This will be due December 9 and 10.

Examples of some weirder topics:

What naval battle was fought off the coast of France during the Civil War?

In what battle did the Confederates resort to throwing rocks at the enemy?

What were the deadliest 20 minutes of the Civil War?

Was Wilmer McLean the unluckiest man in the Civil War?

How did Stonewall Jackson die?

How did the US Sanitation Commission change medical practices on the battlefield?

Who was Stand Watie, and what did he do during the Civil War?

What improvements to weaponry were influential during the Civil War?

How witchy was Lincoln’s wife?

What role did Clara Barton play, and how has her impact continued?

Who was Jesse James?

What was Missouri’s role in the Civil War?

What role did Irish troops play in the Battle of Fredericksburg?

What do General James Longstreet and Stonewall Jackson have in common?

What are some firsts about Abraham Lincoln as president?

How was Arlington National Cemetery created?

Who were the TWO Jefferson Davises of the Civil War?

How was Mary Todd Lincoln’s family involved in the Civil War?