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Presentation assignments

Here is what each person will be doing for their short presentation. Find your group and your initials. You will need to prepare a 4 minute presentation and a page with a picture and 10 facts to be posted in the classroom after your presentation. These are due Thursday and Friday


MD—            John Wilkes Booth

DH—            Arlington National Cemetery

AH—            Sherman’s March to the Sea

AM—            Carpetbaggers

SM—            Conspiracy for Lincoln’s Assassination

CM—            Founding of the Ku Klux Klan

BN—            Pickett’s Charge

WT—            Underground Railroad


NB—            Inventions during Civil War

DB—            Loreta Janeta Velaszquez

CB—            Family members versus family members

MB—            Pilot Knob

AC—            Battle of Antietam

MC—            Pauline Cushman, Union spy

JD—            George McClellan

DE—            Elizabeth Blackwell

JF—            Battle of Vicksburg

MF—            Rose O’Neal Greenhow

EF—            Abe Lincoln and Slavery

DH—            Jesse James

CH—            Mary Edwards Walker

MH—            Shiloh

RL—            Slaves joining the Army

SM—            Ironclads on the Mississippi

LM—            Irish soldiers in the Civil War

RO—            Thomas Jackson

MP—            1st assassination attempt Lincoln- Baltimore Plot

CS—            Jayhawkers

KS—            Women and the 15th Amendment

TY—            Clement Vallandingham


EB—            Gatling Gun

BB—            Civil War Small Arms Development

BC—            Confederate Flags

JC—            William Quantrill and His Raiders

CC—            Black Codes

KC—            Civil War in St. Louis

JC—            Merrimack v. Monitor

CC—            Battle of Culp’s Hill/ at Gettysburg

TD—            Grant’s Battle Tactics

SF—            Dorothea Dix

AG—            Battle of Cherbourg

MH—            Burnside’s Leadership

BK—            Mary Todd Lincoln

KK—            Sanitation Commission

AL—            Weird Civil War Fashions

VM—            Clara Barton

RM —            Founding of American Red Cross

BR—            Hot Air Balloons in the Civil War


AB—            McClellan’s incompetency

SD—            Vicksburg

KD—            Chickamauga

RD—            Creation of Cemetery at Gettysburg

GE—            Nathan Bedford Forrest

RF—            Battle of the Crater

JH—            Unconventional methods of medical treatment

JJ—            Cole Younger

MKh—            CSS Alabama

MKi—            Male confederate spy

DK—            Cherokees in Civil War

SL—            Women in the American Missionary Association

AMai—            CSS Hunley

JM—            Military districts in Reconstruction

AMat—            Army of the Potomac

JM—            Camp Davis

KP—            First black congressmen

AP—            Andersonville Prison

JR—            Jefferson Davis

JS—            Death of Stonewall Jackson

ZS—            Confederate Congress

MZ—            Battle of Chancellorsville