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Some review questions for the final

I am alive…. but barely. But I still have a gift for you:

1. What was the largest single territorial acquisition after independence?
2. Why would the average frontier settler in Illinois most likely support the United States’ acquisition of New Orleans?
3. What was meant by the phrase of “Manifest Destiny?”
4. What was the importance of Marbury v. Madison?
5. What was the Puritans’ stance on freedom of religious practice and worship?
6. What caused the original rise of political parties?
7. What was the cause of Bacon’s Rebellion? What was its long-lasting significance?
8. What was the difference between Presidential Reconstruction as envisioned by Lincoln and later Johnson, and Radical or Congressional Reconstruction?
9. What were the various parts of the decision in Dred Scott v. Sanford? What is the connection of the 14th Amendment to this court decision?
10. What did the Wilmot Proviso attempt to do, and why?
11. What were the major causes of distrust of the 2nd Bank of the US, and why did Andrew Jackson veto its recharter?
12. What were the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798, and why were they criticized as partisan (as well as unconstitutional)?
13. What was the nation’s first third party, and why was it significant?
14. What were the main features of Jacksonian Democracy?
15. What was Andrew Jackson’s stance on nullification?
16. What necessitated the Compromise of 1850, and what were its main features?
17. What exactly was the purpose of the Mayflower Compact?
18. What were the main differences in the political beliefs of Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson?
19. Why was the tension over slavery exacerbated each time the US added territory? Be able to give examples.
20. What was the history of the idea of nullification in United States history?
21. What is the difference between the philosophies of strict and loose construction of the Constitution?
22. What were Thomas Jefferson’s original plans for purchasing territory from France, and why did he seek this territory?
23. What was the reason why Andrew Jackson supported the Indian Removal Act of 1830?
24. What was the basis for disputes over tariffs during the first century of American government?
25. What actions were taken against white resistance to Reconstruction?
26. What important precedents were set during the administration of George Washington?
27. What were the main sources of political scandal during the Gilded Age?
28. What conditions encouraged the growth of industry in the post-Civil War period?
29. How did the legacy of the Civil War influence political power from 1865 to 1900?
30. How were the reasons for settling the southern colonies different from the reasons for settling New England?

Discuss amongst yourselves. You can use the comments section if you wish. Peace!

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