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A few more MC practice for the test

… there are some others elsewhere on this page!


6. According to Frederick Jackson Turner, the presence of the frontier was responsible for all of the following EXCEPT

A. the development of imperialism once the frontier was gone.

B. creating the democracy of Andrew Jackson.

C. the eventual routes of railroads and roads

D. the intense individualism of the American character.

E. unifying the sections of the country into a nation.


7. The “pragmatists” were a school of American philosophers who emphasized

A. that the traditional Greek ideals of Plato and Aristotle should be revived

B. that ideas were largely worthless and only practical experience should be pursued

C. the provisional and fallible nature of knowledge and the value of ideas that actually solved problems

D. that scientific experimentation provided a new and absolutely certain basis for knowledge

E. most academic knowledge was based on “bourgeois” ideas that oppressed the working class


8. The Pension Act of 1890 was an attempt to secure the votes of

A. former government employees.

B. Western farmers.

C. Northern industrialists.

D. Union army veterans.

E. industrial workers.


9. “General” Jacob Coxey and his “army” marched on Washington, D.C. to

A. demand a larger military budget.

B. demand that the government relieve unemployment with a public works program.

C. attempt to take over the War Department.

D. stir up considerable disorder in an attempted coup.

E. protest the Sherman Silver Purchase Act.


Snow Day!

Nothing like waiting until the last minute! See you Wednesday! Study for your test over 25-26, and please at least look over chapter 27 as well as be ready to discuss Turner!

Check back here later and I might give you a little more test practice… there’s already some further down this page.

Meanwhile, what ELSE do you plan to do today? I’ve made chili and there’s more Mad Men to watch on DVD. Plus, there’s always the Princess Bride!