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Make sure you check the deadlines page

Due to the snow day there have been some slight adjustments. Chapters 27 and 28 assignments will be outline notes. Ch. 27 is posted below. Ch. 28 is in the archives right now, but will be posted on the main page on Friday.

UPDATE: Chapter 28 is now up!


Chapter 27 Outlines

Due Tuesday, January 18– I will give extra credit to those who do the terms INCLUDING SIGNIFICANCE, as well.

Make sure you place the details where they go, and EXPLAIN THE SIGNIFICANCE OR EFFECTS OF EVENTS IF YOU WANT FULL CREDIT!!!!!! You must also use your own words, not paste from the internet.

I. What factors contributed to the American adoption of imperialism as a foreign policy?
—–A. Frontier
—–B. Raw materials and industrialization
—–C. Monroe Doctrine- had it been significant previously? Why now?
—–D. Alfred Thayer Mahan and the birth of the American navy
———-Significance of Hawai’i, the Philippines, and a Canal
—–E. “Big Sister” policy in Latin America
—–F. Diplomatic crises
—–G. Cleveland vs. McKinley and the cause of imperialism
—–H. How do imperialism and nationalism impact each other?
—–I. What role does Theodore Roosevelt play?

II. Neutrality Ends: The Spanish- American war
—–A. Cuba oppressed
—–B. “Remember the Maine”—was it really a just cause for war?
———-yellow journalism
—–C. Dewey in the Philippines
———-Battle of Manila
———-Emilio Aguinaldo
—–D. The Invasion of Cuba and the Rough Riders
—–E. Terms of the Treaty of Paris of 1898
—–F. “A Splendid Little War” – Why did Spain put up so little fight?
—–G. Now that we have an “empire,” what do we have to do now? How does it change us?
—–H. Arguments for anti-imperialism at home and abroad
—–I. Is imperialism consistent with tradition American political values? Explain.
—–J. Consider: Why does the war make an isthmian canal necessary?

(II-I and II-J are higher level thinking questions not found in the book)