Chapter 28 Outline

Chapter 28 Outline– due Wed/Th. Jan 19/20, 2011

Make sure you organize the details under these headings and subheadings. Put information in your own words– copying from the internet is plagiarism.

I. What were some of the societal ills that required intervention at the turn of the century?
—–A. economic injustice– monopolies and trusts
———-1. sweatshops and the Triangle fire
—–B. political corruption and undemocratic practices
———-1. graft 2. political machines
—–C. social injustice
II. Progressive Reforms

—–A. Progressives—a movement, not a party
———-1. Muckrakers (explain each one, his/her writings, and their targets)
———-2. goals
—–B. Political Progressivism
———-1. LaFollette
———-2. Charles Evans Hughes
———-3. initiative and referendum
———-4. Recall
———-5. secret (Australian) ballot
———-6. 17th Amendment
—–C. Morality and Progressivism
———-1. WCTU
———-2. Prohibition
—–D. Business and Progressivism
———-1. arbitration- coal strike
———-2. trust-busting (Northern Securities case)
———-3. railroads- Elkins and Hepburn
———-4. Worker protection (Muller v. Oregon, etc.)
———-5. Consumer protection (explain all important laws)
———-6. Environment (explain all laws)– Gifford Pinchot, Conservationism versus environmentalism

III. Comparison of Progressivism under Roosevelt versus that of Taft
—–A. Roosevelt and the Panic
—–B. Who was the greatest trustbuster?
—–C. dollar diplomacy
—–D. tariffs
—–E. Split in the Republican Party


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    When are chpaters 30 & 31 outline due?

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    why is there a grade for this chapter on Powerschool? were the notes extra credit?

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    I like this chapter. It wasn’t that hard to contemplate like most of the others:)

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