Further adjustments thanks to the Snowpocalypse

So, Friday, some of you are going on the debate field trip, but most of you will be seeing Ms. K and listening AVIDLY as she explains what you really need to know about college. So just to make sure you get this:

1. We will still have a test on Monday, but it will be ONLY over chapters 27 and 28– Imperialism and Progressivism under Roosevelt and Taft (up to the election of 1912 and why it turned out as it did). Since I haven’t really gotten to cover chapter 29 in class, that will have to be moved to the next test.

2. Make sure you are checking the blog frequently. There are new posts below this one.

3. Make sure you have read “Tweed Days in St. Louis.” Another copy of this reading is below here.

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