Chapter 30 outline format

Due Tuesday, Feb. 1. Make sure you include dates, names, and significance.

I. How was the American economy and society (the Home Front) affected by the Great War?
A. The Role of Idealism—what is Wilson’s dream?
B. The Fourteen Points overview
–1. What are the three main points of the 14 Points? (Look them all up)
C. The role of advertising and propaganda
D. Free Speech in Wartime
E. How do we put the economy on a war footing?
–1. Council of National Defense
–2. Shipbuilding, especially
–3. National War Labor Board
—-a. Effect of “Work or fight”
–4. Response of unions to the war effort
–5. Why were there strikes?
F. Effect of the war effort on minority employment and population distribution
–1. Backlash
G. Effect of war effort on women
H. Herbert Hoover and the Food Administration
I. How do we pay for it all?
J. Racial and ethnic tensions

II. What was the general military history of the War?
A. How It All Began—and whose fault was it?
B. Instituting the draft
C. Training
D. Major Battles in which American troops participate
E. Effect of Russian withdrawal
F. Pershing and Sergeant York
G. German surrender

III. How did Wilson set out to “Win the Peace?” What were his idealistic goals, and were they achieved?
A. Wilson goes to Paris
B. Paris Conference
C. League of Nations—why?
1. Article X—what was it and why the controversy?
D. Details of the Treaty of Versailles
E. Henry Cabot Lodge- what role does he play and why?
–1. Lodge Reservations
F.  Wilson’s collapse
G. What happens to the Treaty in the US—and why is this ironic?
H. Effects of the Treaty of Versailles
–1. in Europe
–2. in US politics
–3. in international relations

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