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Questions for study over blog readings

1. What specifically was Wilson referring to in his point about Belgium?

2. How long did it take Tennessee to repeal its law on teaching creationism?

3. How did William Jennings Bryan help cause the trial in Tennessee?

4. What was the Scopes defense team really trying to do (hint: it wasn’t to get him off the hook….)?

5. What eventually happened in the case?

6. What influence did the Red Scare and its aftermath have on the prosecution of  Sacco and Vanzetti?

7. What did signs in Philadelphia urge people not to do to prevent the spread of the influenza?

8. When did the flu epidemic begin in St. Louis? About how many Americans died of the flu?

9. What was the death rate in St. Louis compared to that of Kansas City?

10. Who was Dr. Starkloff, and what is “social distancing?”

11. What was the death rate in Philadelphia? Why was it different than in St. Louis) (from the NY Times article link)

12. What was the way the flu influenced how kids jumped rope? (from the Stanford University link)

13. Where exactly was Sgt. York fighting, and why did he receive his medal?

14. What is supposedly for sale in Texas?